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Frenchies Loveshack - Our Studs

Meet the male members of our Loveshack family! Elvis, Chocolate Charlie and Wilber!

Check back to view updated pictures as they grow.

Sand Dunes
Sheet Music and Guitar
IMG_1927 2.heic

Elvis Cole


Meet our stunning blue Elvis!

He is nothing but eye catching.

We are excited to see his future babies!

He is ready for STUD service.

Reach out to us if you are interested.

Elvis genetic test results

At\At  B\B  n\co  d\d  E\e  n\EM  n\KB  

Dam- Sophie (Pearl) 

 Color - Cream

Sire - Niner (Foster Frenchies)

Color - Lilac Fawn

Chocolate Spread
Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Charlie


Meet Chocolate Charlie.

He is a  handsome chocolate merle male. He is small and compact tri-merle. Beautiful colors!

We hope to produce miniature French bulldogs! He is ready for STUD!!!

Reach out to us if you are interested in stud service.

Charlie genetic test results

n\At  B\b  n\co  d\d  E\e  n\EM   n\KB   N\N 


Meet Wilber!

He is a New Shade-

Champaign Platinum Isabella 

And those eyes WOW! They look like glass marbles with a hint of blue and green. 

Looking forward to seeing the babies this handsome guy will produce! 

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