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What Motivates Us

At Frenchies Loveshack, we have taken something which started as a family passion and turned it into a successful breeding business. We breed our animals to have friendly dispositions and fit in seamlessly as incredible family pets. We breed responsibly and according to the best practices of the trade, which makes us your go-to address to find your pet.


Good to know....

French bulldog puppy resources

After you find the right French bulldog puppy, it’s time to prepare your home!


Here are a few resources to get you started: 


  1. How to Survive the First 24 Hours with Your New Puppy

  2. How Long Can You Leave a Puppy Alone?

  3. How Often Should I Walk my Puppy?

  4. The Essential New Puppy Checklist

  5. Puppy Training Resources

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