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Financing & Payment Plan Details



Here at Frenchies Loveshack, we understand that a pet is not always in the immediate budget. And that’s why we are proud to offer monthly payments for those who need it. We don’t presume to know your budget or finances, but we will do what we can to help out. Frenchies Loveshack LLC is currently in the process of working to partner with Lending USA, and a few other lending institutions for pet loans. In the meantime, we do approve Payment Installment loans through Frenchies Loveshack.

Below are our requirements and steps needed to approve you for our payment plan option.

In addition to Payment Installment plan agreement, you will need to pay -

- Deposit to hold puppy - $300 

- Down Payment - $1000 - $2000 or agreed payment amount depending on the         price of the puppy.

             Down payment is due at the time you receive the puppy.

- The Balance after Deposit and Down payment is the amount you want to finance.


Payment Installment Plan Approval Details & Steps

Complete the steps below to see if you qualify for financing using our Payment Installment plan option. 


All we need is proof that you were approved through one of these lenders. You do not have to use them as a source to purchase one of our puppies. Getting approved just gives us peace of mind that you meet one of the lenders requirements.

*  Cut and paste the highlighted link below to your google search bar.

     Pet Financing: Best Personal Loans to Consider in 2023

* Scroll down to - Pet Financing: Full Overview of the Best Loans

Select one of the lenders that best fits your financial status and         

   complete the steps needed to determine if you are approved for a     

   personal loan.

* Email Frenchies Loveshack with some type of proof you were approved

   (screenshot, approval email from the lender etc.)

NOTE: If you were not approved by any of the lending sites, we cannot approve a payment plan to purchase a puppy.



* Download and complete the credit application form below.



* Email completed credit application and a picture of your Drivers License to:

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