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Frenchies Loveshack - Future Mom's

Just look at all these adorable faces! With careful selection through the use of health and color DNA genetics, or girls will produce a variety of healthy, standard and exotic french bulldog puppies. Our girls live in our home and are treated as our pets. We do not house them in a kennel.

Our french bulldogs receive ongoing checkups from the vet as well as needed vaccinations on time. They are all potty trained and have the freedom to play outdoors using the doggy door leading to a fenced area. Our girls and boys also have scheduled times throughout the week to play outdoors with my husband, me and family. I can't think of a better environment! In the evenings they spend time in the living room watching television, playing with toys and lounging in their dog beds. All the care and attention they receive individually and as a whole makes a huge difference on their ability to be the best french bulldog moms. 

Betty Blueberry

Betty is due to go into heat the week of July 24th 2022. 


Sophie (Pearl)

Pearl had her first litter born April 4th, 2021. She is due to go into heat again the week of July 24th,  2022. 



Myrtle is just under a year old. She is due to come into heat the week of July 3rd 2022. Beautiful!!!


Martha Jewels

Martha is 1.5 years old. Martha is very small (15.5 lbs).  She is due to go into heat the week of June 2nd 2022. 


Cruella (Ethal Emma)

Betty is just under a year old. We will be breeding her in approximately 3-6 months.

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